Why MCI (Bangalore) Chits Ltd.?

Easy paper work

Easy paper work

The list of documents will be mentioned clearly to begin your membership. In case of doubts, our agents will guide you throughout the process

Instant Approval On requirement

Instant Approval On requirement

We enable instant approval of prize money for our prized subscribers. You don’t have to wait for the 30 days period to avail the prize money.

Easy Hypothecation techniques

Easy Hypothecation techniques

You don’t have to give up your ownership rights for any collateral you pledge as you avail your prize money. The Hypothecation is simple for all our subscribers

Credit Approval irrespective

Credit Approval irrespective of low Cibil Score

At MCI (Bangalore) Chits Ltd. you can become our subscriber and win prize money irrespective of how your Cibil Scores fare.

simpler Finance Schemes

Simpler Finance Schemes

We have designed simple and efficient Chit Fund Schemes to suit the different business needs of our subscribers.

Instant Withdrawal

Instant Withdrawal Of Financial Schemes

In case of change in commitments you can withdraw from our financial schemes in accordance with our company policies and Chit Fund Act 1982

closure Charges

No Pre closure Charges

MCI (Bangalore) Chits Ltd. does not collect any Pre closure charges for any of the borrowed prize money

MCI (Bangalore) Chits Ltd. Vs Other Chit Fund Companies

➢ 20 years Of Expertise and Experience in the Finance Sector

➢ Simple and Safe Schemes

➢ Easy Substitutions

➢ Finance options over Chit collateral for good customers

➢ 54 Crores of Annual Turnover

➢ Flawless Credit Management

➢ Higher Company Asset Value And Paid up capital

➢ Easy Check-in & Check-out Process